Sunday, September 7, 2014

Paris Vlog Part III! The magical Eiffel Tower

Definitely one of my highlights in Paris was the Eiffel Tower! Sure, its iconic and is one of the most recognised architecture globally, but to climb it, see it with my own eyes with a crepe in hand was just magical!!

Tips for Day 3 in Paris!
1. I've mentioned this in my last post, but buy a Paris Museum Pass!! Served us well today as it granted entry to  Arc de Triomphe (climb and check out the view of Champs Elysees!), Notre Dame bell towers (we arrived too late and missed the opening time but we checked it out the following day), and Musee d'Orsay.
2. Climb the Eiffel Tower - it's cheaper, the line is shorter, free workout and you can truly appreciate the entire experience of the Eiffel Tower. Arrive early!!
3. See the Eiffel Tower on a clear sunny day. If you've planned to go on a specific day and it happens to be cloudy, don't go. The views are significantly better on a clear day!
4.  Try the Nutella crepe place behind the Eiffel Tower (south-side). Yummers!
5. Is Angelina a must visit? Yes! If you love hot chocolate. Who cares that it costs something ridiculous like AUD10-12.
6. Try the falafel place in Le Marais. It was the best vego meal I had in Paris (not counting the croissants).

What are your favourite tips on Paris??

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