Saturday, April 4, 2015

Target and Baby Gap Haul!

So before I was pregnant, I was adamant that I wouldn't be a new mum that stayed at home all day and looked after the baby. But after having Chloe, sometimes the thought of leaving the house by myself or even with some help can feel quite daunting - I was feeding her on demand, she could need a nappy change at any time, she could start crying/screaming at any time, and you know how people judge mums with crying babies!! There was also the issue of being in an enclosed space surrounded by so many people and germs lurking everywhere!

So I finally took Chloe out at 2 months to our local Westfield and it was an awesome day out! It was actually on a whim and we went after mums and bubs yoga, accompanied by Lola and Lolo :)

I was keen on checking out Baby Gap as I knew they were on sale and had some cute outfits! I also wanted to pick up some autumn outfits for Chloe at Target...and I think I went a bit crazy at Target as they had 20% off all Baby Wear!

It's super fun shopping for baby clothes! Everything is just too cute!