Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Review! Revlon ColorStay Ultimate Suede lipsticks

L-R: Finale 095 and Backstage 035

Hi lovelies!  Today I'm reviewing the Revlon ColorStay Ultimate Suede lipsticks in the colours Finale 095 and Backstage 035.

These are longwear lipsticks designed to stay put for 16 hours even after meals while keeping your lips hydrated and smooth with moisturising ingredients including aloe and shea butter. 

I generally wear creamy lipsticks because they are moisturising and don't dry my lips out.  Although creamy lipsticks don't stay on my lips for very long, there is always touch ups after eating, etc.  I was interested in the long wear lipsticks but I hadn't found one that was comfortable on my lips (some of them felt like a plastic cling wrap on my lips...), or any hydrating ones.

Cue Revlon ColorStay Ultimate Suede.  I was impressed with the long-lasting colour and moisturised feeling of my lips.  This is how I applied it:

1) Start with hydrated lips.  Always! I use Lucas Paw Paw ointment but you only need a touch.  I found that if I put too much, the lipstick wouldn't stay on my lips very well and it would streak.
2) Apply the lipstick.  It felt very smooth and velvety when I was applying the colour.
3) In a few minutes, the lipstick would start to get sticky - this is expected.  The lipstick if working to stay put on your lips!
4) Once the tacky feeling of the lipstick is gone, your lips are now good to go! You can eat, drink and kiss without losing much of the colour! Fabulous!  

* The lipstick felt very smooth and hydrating when first applied
* Once the lipstick settled, my lips didn't feel dry.  After a few hours when I felt my lips need a bit more hydration, I would either dab some Lucas Paw Paw Ointment or reapply the lipstick.
* When the lipstick had "set" on my lips, the colour is still pretty vivid and the colour does not transfer when you kiss someone or when you eat!
* I loved the colour Finale 095 - the perfect red!
* The product didn't smell which is exactly what I like!
* The packaging is simple and practical, the lid is clear so you can see exactly what colour the lipstick is.

* When closely inspecting my lips after the lipstick had settled, I could see the lines/wrinkles on my lips.

My overall rating is 4 out of 5 stars! I thought the lipstick performed pretty well for a long-wear lippie! And I would definitely consider purchasing in other colours :)

Have you tried this lipstick? Let me know what your thoughts are if you have! Or let me know what are you favourite long-wear lippies?

Thank you beautyheaven for providing these products to trial and review!

Saturday, February 23, 2013

My favourite healthy snacks!

My health - eating clean and fitness - has been a recent passion of mine.  Changing my lifestyle and perspective on healthy clean eating really began late last year/beginning of this year. And I haven't looked back since.

Personally, eating healthy and clean is my number one priority - who doesn't want good health and longevity?

So today I wanted to share with you my favourite healthy snacks!
  • Fruit!  I try to go for organic and my favourites are bananas, apples and berries
  • Peanut butter and nuts! My favourite peanut butter is Organic Peanut butter by Ambrosia,and my favourite nuts are macadamias, cashews and almonds
  • Good quality dark chocolate, my favourite is Loving Earth luvju mint & a.f.a raw organic chocolate, sweetened with organic coconut nectar
  • Coyo coconut yoghurt - dairy free!
  • Fresh coconut juice
  • Homemade wheat free, dairy free, and sugar free banana bread, cookies, protein bars
  • Herbal teas, like Blueberry and Sleepytime Vanilla by Celestial
  • Smoothies!
 What are your favourite healthy snacks??

Tuesday, February 12, 2013

FOTD! Everyday bronzy summer makeup

I was filming a "get ready with me" video and it wasn't until I replayed the footage that I realised it wasn't focused on me at all, i.e. blurry as!! I was so upset!! I didn't want to let this look 'go to waste' so here are the photos and the makeup I used :)

My everyday bronzy summer makeup:

- MUFE face and body foundation in #34
- Garnier roll on concealer
- Inglot face powder in #66
- Jemma Kidd bronzer
- Illamasqua blush in Hussy
- Rimmel eyebrow pencil in Black brown
- Bobbi brown gel eyeliner in Black (oops! not in the photo above)
- Gorgeous cosmetics lipstick in velvet rose
- Rimmel mascara scandaleyes
- L'oreal eyeliner
- Mac e/s in woodwinked, texture, embark
- Inglot e/s in #459

Hope you are enjoying your week! :)