Saturday, November 22, 2014

Review! Rexona Clinical Protection Antiperspirant Deodorant

Surviving in 30+ degrees Celsius weather and being 30 weeks pregnant is no easy feat! I feel I’m much more sensitive with heat(waves) and sometimes I just want to stay indoors with the aircon.

Lucky for me, Rexona Clinical Protection Deodorant works like a charm!! While I historically prefer deodorant sprays versus types that you roll on to your armpit, this product worked wonders for me!

This deodorant claims to have clinical strength wetness protection and motion activated odour protection. You can even apply it at bedtime for optimal results and lasts throughout the following day even after a shower.

The test for this product was on Friday when it was a sweltering 35+ degree Celsius day. As it was a work day, I was indoors but for lunch I did head out in a non-airconditioned restaurant for at least 2 hours. Plus also had dinner out after work. By the end of the night, after inspecting my armpits (as you do…) it still smelled clean and fresh and I did not feel any sweating or wetness. AMAZEBALLS!

What I also loved about this deodorant is the scent. It smells clean and fresh like as if you’ve just stepped out of the shower. You don’t drown in a spell of floral, musk or spice type of fragrances! Plus, I think this product can definitely also be used by males…but no sharing!!

For me the only drawback was the packaging and application. You need to twist the bottom of the stick for product to come out through the top. I would have thought simpler packaging would have been more user friendly, as some of the product would get stuck in the pore-like holes at the top. I suppose it was designed like this as a way to “portion control” the amount of deodorant used each time.

In anycase, this is a product I would definitely repurchase, particularly as summer is about to hit Sydney in a couple of weeks, and its definitely a (pregnant) girl’s best friend! Check it out if you are looking for a new deodorant :)

  • Assisted and provided relief of everyday sweating – especially when Sydney was 30+ degrees! Protected against wetness and odour 
  • No irritation 
  • Clean fresh smell, no floral or overly scented 
  • Easy to use 

  • Packaging was ok – different. Maybe a stick would have been better? 

Thank you beautyheaven for giving me the opportunity to trial and review this product.  
All opinions are my own.

Monday, November 17, 2014

Review! VS Sassoon 3Q Hairdryer!

I am a “no-fuss” hair type of gal, but at the same time, you don’t want your hair looking like you crawled out of bed with a birdsnest. Historically I have been averse to using hot hair tools on a daily basis to maintain the healthiness of my hair. However the VS Sassoon 3Q Hairdryer works so quickly that I don’t even feel like its damaging my hair!

The “3Q” stands for Quick, Quiet and Quality. Quick – 70% faster, Quiet – 40% less noise, Quality 10x longer life.

What did I think of this hairdryer?

I thought it was freaking amazing! The brushless motor technology makes it light and compact, and also reduces drying time as the airflow is maximised. It is also quieter and extends the life of the hairdryer.

I really enjoyed using it, and found that yes, it dried my hair quicker and I felt even using the hairdryer in 30 degree weather did not bother me! Usually I would fret as it would get too hot if I kept blowdrying for ages… I can’t really compare it to other blowdryers in terms of noise levels though.

I also loved how lightweight the hairdryer is which makes it super easy to use, usually my arm would get sore holding up the hairdryer for so long!

But all in all, definitely impressed with the performance. It’s a favourite hair tool at the moment and I hope it lasts the distance! If you are looking for a new hairdryer, give this one a go, it will not disappoint!

Watch my video below including a demo :)

Thank you beautyheaven for giving me the opportunity to trial and review this product.  
All opinions are my own.