Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Otford to Bundeena (The Coast Track)

I heard about this track a couple years ago when a friend of mine recommended the trail as running ground to practice for the Oxfam 100km Trailwalk. After walking this track a couple weeks ago, all I can say is respect for any bush runners, it is no Sunday stroll in the park! I can say hands down, this is the most beautiful track I have ever experienced in Sydney so far (beats the Great North Walk and the Taronga Zoo to Manly – more on that in a future post). The views are spectacular and would be ideal spots for a spring picnic, a quiet yoga session or a dip in the secluded beaches. This is definitely a must-do track and I could just imagine spending my long summer days at the beaches here :)

Track: Otford to Bundeena
Distance: 26km
Transport: We drove which is $11 for entry into the National park. You could also catch the train to Otford and catch the ferry from Bundeena to Cronulla station.
Difficulty: There are two ascents which are fairly high and medium level of difficulty. The rest is quite flat or relatively easy descents.

The view at the start in Otford

Destination: Bundeena!

Treacherous walking paths hehe

This was a typical view when I took a look behind my shoulder :)

The most stunning view of one of the many secluded beaches :)

The track is right at the edge of the coast!


Can you spot the eagle?

Being so close to the edge of a cliff was so surreal!

I think this rock looks like a tofu! hehe


  1. This post made me sad :( I was born and raised in NSW but have been living in WA for the last 8 years. I miss the beauty of the coast line over east.
    The comment about the tofu rock made me laugh so hard XD I'm cooking tofu tonight!

    1. aww sorry it made you sad! sydney is really beautiful!

      hehe im still in awe at how a rock could naturally form like that!

  2. Hey can you share the location of that rock! ?