Sunday, October 28, 2012

Bau Truong, Marrickville

Vietnamese is one of my favourite cuisines - my favs including vermicelli noodles with spring rolls, pho, crispy chicken with tomato rice, chicken rolls and fresh prawn rolls. Bau Truong is not a traditional Vietnamese restaurant, they have an extensive menu and specialise in "modern" and "upscale" Vietnamese dishes to share.

Bau Truong was recommended by a close friend of mine who had already tried the one in Cabramatta and Canley Vale. I went to the Marrickville restaurant with Mum, the hubby and my sister and we all loved the food! I am excited to go back and try more on their menu :) Sorry in advance - I can't remember exactly what the dishes were called...

 Stylish interiors :)

 The hubby's Vietnamese beer. My sister's lychee juice.

 Minced pork and taro spring rolls. Can I just say, these are THE BEST spring rolls I have ever tasted!

 Eggplant - this dish was divine. The eggplant was roasted (my favourite!) and was drizzled with fish sauce and chilli.  Reminds me of eggplant my mum used to cook for us when we were little. 

 Beef cubes on a bed of watercress and tomatoes.  The glaze was so tasty! Yum! My favourite beef cubes would have to be at Bay Tinh in Marrickville.

 Salt and Pepper Squid. Cooked perfectly - so fresh and delicious!

 Flat rice noodle in soy sauce and beef.  This is such a simple yet comforting dish. I loved it!

 Crispy chicken in tamarind sauce. The skin was crispy and the meat so tender. When dipped in the tamarind sauce, it was heaven (I think everything should be dipped in that tamarind sauce...).  One of my favourite dishes of the night!

 Dessert time! Banana pudding and coconut icecream. The pudding was moist and dense and was complimented nicely by the fresh coconut icecream.

 Upclose of the banana pudding :)

Chargrilled banana in salted sago and ginger and lemongrass icecream. Was not really a fan of the icecream...the chargrilled banana was very tasty and the salted sago was an interesting mix. I love sago but not loving the salt!

The bill came to about $150 - definitely more expensive than your traditional Vietnamese meal but this was no ordinary meal! I am looking forward to the next time we return to Bau Truong!


  1. beautiful pictures, mniam
    I invite you to me

  2. All of this food looks so scrumptious! love your blog xx

  3. it was all so delicious! thanks for stopping by! :)

  4. Bau Troung is actually in Canley Heights, you should try ChiChi near Holy Basil in Canley Heights