Sunday, March 29, 2015

Pumpkin Patch Baby Girl Clothing Haul!

Happy Sunday everyone! Pumpkin Patch has had a few online sales on lately and when they had one with free shipping, I caved in and bought a few pieces for Chloe!

Check out the video below to see what pieces I bought! This set me back only $50!! Bargain!!

FYI, Chloe is 2 months old (10 weeks) and most of the bottoms I purchased for her were in a size 6-12 months and the onesies and tops were 3-6 months. They are obviously quite big on her but I bought them knowing she will eventually grow into them!

Before Chloe was born, I didn't shop for clothes much and most of her newborn clothes were gifts or hand-me-downs! This was the first proper shopping I did for baby Chloe :) I think doing the shopping later also gave me an idea for what she really needed rather than what is nice to have, given that babies do grow super quickly!

For the mums out there, where do you like to shop for your lil one?

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