Thursday, February 19, 2015

Five Tips I would give my Pregnant Self!

Chloe is now one-month old and is slowing getting into some sort of newborn routine :)
I definitely thrive having a routine in place so taking care of a newborn really threw me off initially! And I remember thinking to myself, "if only I had done [insert activity here] while I was pregnant, I would have more time"...

So here are five tips I would give my pregnant self...

#1 Organise H.E.L.P!
In the first month, you will be feeding, changing nappies, settling, cuddling, on repeat 24/7. You won't have time to go to the bathroom let alone make dinner or do the groceries.

That's where support and help come along - organise this before the baby is born. Ensure your support crew have their leave approved and definitely recommend getting support for at least the first month!

#2 Prepare for looking after a newborn
During pregnancy, the birth of my baby was supposedly the scariest thing of my whole existence. Wow. After experiencing birth, my perspective has definitely changed.

When people say "your life will change forever when you have kids", they are not talking about the birth and delivery. It's the aftermath.  And heck yeah, my life has changed forever!! :) I am so happy to have my lil bub in my life, and I would do anything for her.

However I have to say my expectations of looking after a newborn were not the same as reality! I seroiusly thought it was rainbows and butterflies. Well, reality hit. And it hit hard! :P

I recommend reading some parenting books and attending some parenting classes (which I did but I still was gobsmacked).

#3 Spend some time enjoying long lunches or long dinners
Because you are attending to all her needs, you won't have much time to eat (unless of course she is a good sleeper - and on the most part, Chloe is, I am very fortunate!)

But in fear of Chloe waking up from her nap, I would inhale my food! Yes, it's bad for digestion but I have to make sure I'm eating enough for my milk supply!

#4 Don't be afraid to spend on Maternity clothes
I held back in spending a lot on maternity clothes, I wish I had bought some more nice bottoms because I still don't fit into my pre-pregnancy jeans or shorts.

To be honest though, I stayed home most of the first month anyway and waltzed around in my jammies around the house so it didn't really bother me too much...

#5 Stock up on tv shows and books to read
Breastfeeding can take a while and you can nurse your baby upto 8-12 times a day. This calls for some good tv or some good books to read (or in my case, some good YouTube videos!). Stock up on these, because daytime tv does not even cut it!

For all the new mums, what would be your tips for the pregnant mothers in preparation for the arrival of their lil bubs?

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