Sunday, October 19, 2014

Switzerland Vlog! Part I - Lucerne and Lauterbrunnen plus Hotel (Chalet) Tour!

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Anyone who's been to Switzerland will tell you just how beautiful it is. It literally feels like heaven on Earth...As I love being outdoors, Switzerland was definitely a highlight for me, getting in touch with nature and I thought Lauterbrunnen is the PERFECT place for a tranquil, back to basics, getaway :)

We arrived in Zurich, Switzerland from Barcelona and caught the train from Zurich to Lucerne where we had a stop over for lunch, then back on the train again from Lucerne to Lauterbrunnen.  The trains and customer service we received were top notch compared to Sydney! Below is what I thought of our first day in Switzerland...

What to do in Lucerne if you had 2-3 hours...
1. Check out the famous Kapellbrücke (wooden "Chapel Bridge"). It's so pretty and worth a picture
2. Try some cheese fondue or a sausage and some rosti
3. Buy some chocolate!! Go to Bachmann, you won't regret it!
4. Enjoy the scenery :) Lucerne is right next to a stunning lake, enjoy the sun, and the swans and pelicans!

We chose to stay in Lauterbrunnen because it was in the valley of the Bernese Oberland.  We wanted somewhere serene and close to walking trails.  So Lauterbrunnen is easily accessible by train as well as walking tracks from other nearby villages such as Murren.

We stayed at Chalet Horner which I can't recommend enough! It was a cozy chalet with a kitchen and the most spectacular view of Staubbach Falls just outside your balcony. What more could you ask for?

In the next vlog, and blog post, I'll walk through things to do in Lauterbrunnen :)

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