Monday, October 6, 2014

London Vlog! Part II - Tower of London, British Museum and Portobello Markets

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London Tips Part II!

1. Visit the museums!
One of the best things about visiting London is checking out the free museums! We visited British Museum, National Gallery, Tate Modern and Natural History Museum.  British was definitely my fav by far, I enjoyed the artefacts of the various historical civilisations.  Highly recommend checking out the museums!

2. Tower of London - worth it?
Personally, no I didn't think it was worth it. I enjoyed it, the Beefeaters made a great tour guide, but just walking within the Tower of London wasn't amazing...the crown jewels were pretty but were probably not worth the travel or entry fee!

3. Ride a double decker bus!
Go on, ride on the second floor, front row!We don't have these in Sydney so I thought it was pretty fun :)

4. Food adventures!
We ventured out to west of central London for a taste of curry and I definitely recommend it if you have the time! Was one of the best Indian foods I've eaten! Also, definitely try high tea! We went to Charlotte Street Hotel and absolutely loved it!! Scones were delish!

5. Hit the theatre!
We went to see the Lion King, book your seats early! Absolutley loved the show :) If we had time, would have loved to see another! You can also check out Covent Garden which is in the area!

6. Visit the markets!
We went to Borough markets (we went late and it was closing but there was some interesting food stalls) as well as Portobello Markets (good for antiques, bits and bobs, a few food stalls)! Go early as they can get quite crowded, especially Portobello on a Saturday!

7. Stroll through the parks!
Loved the walks through Kensington park, it was warm and very calming - we even crossed paths with some squirrels! We stayed close to the park so we actually walked from Harrods back to Bayswater via the park!

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