Sunday, December 15, 2013

Queenstown! Most beautiful place on earth...

This is a late post, we have been back home for two weeks now but I wanted to share how beautiful (under-statement) Queenstown is! It is by far, the most stunning city I've been to, every morning I would wake up in awe of the mountains! It is truly breathtaking - see for yourself!

We stayed for 5 days and my highlights were:

1) Kayaking in Milford Sound
Pretty much lived in the water when I was a kid and I absolutely love adventure and nature so this was the best experience for me! We went with Rosco's Milford Kayaking and paddled the Afternoon Delight.  It was a long 17km paddle back from Tasman Sea through Milford Sound but was well worth it for the views! It felt so surreal!

2) Hiking up Queenstown Hill
I love to hike and was keen on walking Queenstown Hill since it was easily accessible from town.  Seriously, as soon as you start walking towards the Hill (more like Mountain), it is a very steep ascent! And it doesn't stop until you reach the summit! The good news is that it's a descent on the way back (maybe not good news for stubborn knees). It is WORTH the climb because the view is spectacular! Took us around 3 hours from town and back to our apartment.

We also got up to some cycling around the lake, enjoyed the sunset by the lake in town, and took in the majestic views as we did our day trips to Milford Sound and Lake Wanaka! I loved how it was away from all the malls, big concrete jungles and you can just enjoy the scenary and take all the nature in. It was a perfect break! :)

If you have yet to check out Queenstown, we highly highly recommend it!! :)


  1. Absolutely gorgeous! I totally need a vacation like this with my boyfriend in the next two years! I love being outdoors too and it's so much fun to get into outdoor sports and to get a tan at the same time! Lovely photos!

    1. I highly recommend Queenstown - you will love it! Thanks for reading :)