Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Review! L'Oreal Nude Magique BB Cream

I was super excited to trial and review this product (provided by Beautyheaven) and I wasn't disappointed! As you may know, BB creams (blemish/beauty balms) were initially introduced in Asia and they are marketed to be very beneficial, providing benefits of a moisturiser, primer, foundation and sunscreen in one!  The L'Oreal Nude Magique BB cream is a white formula that has micro-capsules that contain pigments which will oxidise and match your skintone.  In Australia, the product is available in two colours, Light and Medium and retails for $26.95 at Priceline for a 30ml tube.

I have never used a BB cream before, currently I use tinted moisturiser with SPF for everyday and I only use foundation on special occasions.   I applied the BB cream initially using my fingers and absolutely hated the texture and finish of the product on my skin! The product felt very grainy (due to the micro-capsules) and was quite streaky on my face.  I tried applying it the second time with a foundation brush and it worked wonders.  For a demo of how I applied the product, please see the video below.

* Matched my skin tone with a slight bronzy/glowy look (hurray! This is no easy feat)
* The finish / texture of the product looked really natural/glowy – the first day I wore it, I received compliments on my skin
* Light to medium / full coverage – you can adjust the coverage to whatever level you want without looking like you caked it on. The BB cream provides excellent coverage for a “non-foundation” product
* Easy to apply – use a brush! I haven’t tried using a sponge though.  Let me know what is your preferred method of applying this product!
* Felt hydrating, did not dry my skin out. Note it is winter time in Australia so the product did pretty well
* Stayed put for a whole day, i.e. 8 hours +
* Contains SPF 12 – yay for sun protection
* Reasonably priced - A$26.95 at Priceline

* Slight sunscreen smell but this didn’t bother me at all and the smell goes away once applied

Overall rating:
I admit I was a bit skeptical trying out a drugstore BB cream as I typically prefer 'scientific' skincare (i.e. MD Formulations) and for some bizarre reason, I’m not a huge fan of products that can multi-task. That being said, this product did a pretty amazing job and performs as well as any medium to full coverage foundation you can find in the market. 

I think I would definitely be wearing this during the day where I would like additional coverage than what a tinted moisturiser can provide.  I am also really really loving the fact that the BB cream provides a glowy/healthy look to my skin! The only test would be how it would stay put in the summer.

My rating is 4.5 stars out of 5!


  1. Hi! Love your blog :) Just wondering which BB cream you found to be better, L'Oreal or Rimmel?

    1. I definitely prefer the L'oreal BB cream! It is a much lighter formula than the Rimmel BB cream :)