Sunday, October 18, 2015

Transitioning from a corporate life to a stay at home mum

When I was pregnant and still living the corporate life, I would daydream about how amazing and relaxing it would be once I finally went on maternity leave and became a stay at home mum! Oh, how little did I know…

Becoming a stay at home mum was one of the most challenging things I have ever done! The transition from a corporate life to one in the ‘burbs was not easy, especially emotionally! I am one of those people who thrive in productive, organised and scheduled lifestyles. So suddenly having to deal with spontaneity, dealing with housework (or lack of time to do housework), and looking after a bub while maintaining my sanity was seriously one tough gig!

Here are my 5 tips on transitioning to a stay at home mum from a corporate life:

1. Use a planner 
Schedule your day, week and month! If you liked structure in your life, using a planner will help you so much! Keep track of all your appointments, playdates, things to do, events, etc. I use this planner from Kikki K and stick it on my fridge. Every Sunday night I plan for the week ahead and I get all fancy and use Washi tape to decorate the pages. I use a weekly planner which is similar to my calendar layout I had at work. I find this helps me know what’s coming up for the week and I get that fulfilment of ticking off things you’ve done (yes, that’s you laundry).

2. Head out of the house at least once a day 
Even if it’s just to go for a quick walk around the block, do it. Don’t stay couped up at home, especially if its spring, the sun is shining and there’s the world to explore! With rainy day exceptions, I will go out for a walk with Chloe if we have nothing on that day and I love taking her to the park now for a swing or a slide! Or pop to the local shops and support those local businesses!

3. Stay productive 
If you thrive on productivity, sitting on the couch while the bub sleeps will not make you feel better if this happens day in and day out (it may if you are having one of those days). Get to those chores, do a workout, bake some cookies, take a shower, etc. Doing things while bub sleeps will make you feel more productive and more happier, when they wake up!

4. Do something for yourself 
As a first time mum, I felt like the majority of the day you will be attending to your bub – which is completely normal as it is your new role. But that doesn’t mean that you should neglect yourself! Spend some “me time” doing what you love, while they nap or have someone come in and look after them for an hour or two…I love doing some exercise, and also going on date nights!

5. Keep in touch with your friends (new and old) 
Another way to survive the transition is to keep in touch with friends – chat to them, catch up for lunch or coffee, etc. Do the things you use to do with them, where you can. I also highly recommend joining a mother’s group or playgroup. This not only benefits your bub, but definitely keeps you sane during the first year of being a first time mum. You share the same experiences and feed off positive vibes from each other. It is a supportive network and most likely they all live closeby so is also very convenient!

What are your tips on becoming a stay at home mum?

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