Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Review: BFF Belly Bandit!

One of the things I've thought about before giving birth is how to bounce back to my pre-baby body. I admit I let loose during my pregnancy and ate whatever I wanted, exercised less, and used the pregnancy excuse. But I had a plan - I was going to start exercising, eating healthy and use the BFF Belly Bandit as soon as I gave birth!

So 3.5 months after giving birth, here is my review on the BFF Belly Bandit!

Unfortunately I didn't take any before or after photos but I am about 5-6kgs away from where I want to be (my favourite skinny jeans are still a tad too tight causing some serious muffin tops). Even if I didn't lose the 5kg, I totally embrace my new "mum" body :)

So in summary here are my thoughts on the BFF Belly Bandit...

What size did you buy?
I bought a size S. In retrospect I should have bought a size XS as within 2-3 weeks I had already shrunk so that there was not much velcro left to strap me in. Check the official Belly Bandit website for details on sizing!

How long did I wear it for?
I began wearing it within a week of giving birth (as the S only fit me at this time, it didn't fit any earlier than this!). I wore it for  about a month, first 2 weeks was day and night, second 2 weeks was day only. This was because I gave birth in January and it just became wayyy too hot to wear a shirt, let alone a belly bandit underneath it!

What were the results?
I found that I shrunk dramatically within the first few weeks. It was quite impressive! I would have definitely continued to wear it had it not been cray hot, and also if I had gotten a size smaller!

I liked how the BFF had two straps for closure, it was comfortable and gave me more control of how tight I wanted it to be.

All in all, I was happy with how quickly my tummy had shrunk (yet still lots of toning to do!) and how it helped to suppress my appetite (perhaps this was psychological as your belly had this constant pressure 24/7).

If you are a new-mum to be or recently gave birth (within a week or two), I would definitely give this belly bandit a shot for quickly shrinking your tummy :)

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