Saturday, May 11, 2013

Healthfood Haul!


I LOVE healthy food and learning all about nutrition! I believe that we are definitely what we eat and it is so important to put an emphasis on eating healthy, wholesome and nutritious food so we nourish our bodies and ensure we are functioning at our optimal best.  That's not to say that you can't have days where you eat take-out or indulge in your guilty pleasures (egg tarts!!)...but I do favour a balanced lifestyle of eating healthy, moving everyday and also enjoying an occasional indulgence :)

Anyway, this post is about a healthfood store haul and what I bought! I love buying my snacks from this store as well as supplements.  This is the list of my purchases, or if you prefer, watch my video below.  I really do apologise for the yellow lighting - it is horrible but I filmed after work (no makeup touchups either so excuse my face) and it gets pretty dark really early now :(

1) Vitalgreens - a vitamins, minerals and all-that-good-stuff supplement I add to my green smoothies every morning (yes I'm incomplete without my smoothie)

2) Pukka tea in Revitalise - a DELICIOUS tea made of organic cinnamon, cardamom and ginger. I also love their three tulsi tea.

3) Loving Earth chocolates - the best organic raw chocolate ever. Seriously.  And I was a chocaholic! I especially love their dark chocolate mint sweetened with evaporated coconut nectar (no agave!).

4) Loving earth kale chips - amazing tasting chippies! They are also really filling and great for an afternoon (or morning) snack :)

5) Maca Powder - I add Maca powder to my green smoothies.  Maca is highly nutritious with minerals, vitamins, amino acids and trace elements.  It also helps with hormonal balance!

6) Pitted dates - I never bought dates before but I wanted to try these in my smoothie as a natural sweetener, for making raw desserts and also as a topping on oats

7) Quinoa - giving this grain a second chance hehe

8) Almond Brazil Cashew nut butter - ALL TIME FAV! This does not last long in my house. I love eating it with raw cacao and honey. Too good.

9) Raw Organic Cacao Powder - my substitute for cocoa.  I use this in smoothies and raw desserts. It tastes amazing.

What are things you like to pick up at your local healthfood / vitamin store?

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