Monday, December 17, 2012

Stand up paddle board, Bundeena Kayaks

This year, my friends and I did something different for Christmas...a Christmas day out!! Rather than our usual Christmas lunch/dinner at a fancy schmancy restaurant, we went stand up paddling and kayaking with Bundeena Kayaks.

I definitely enjoyed the activities, the company and the bbq! Below are some happy snaps :) If you haven't tried stand-up paddle boarding yet, I highly highly recommend it! Its a full body workout (i.e., core, arms, legs, back) and really tests your balance! Bundeena Kayaks is located in Bonnie Vale Picnic grounds and has the perfect bay for paddling! For two hours of paddling hire, it set us back $19 each (thanks to OurDeal! it is usually $40 for two hours).


  1. Oh man I have been here as a kid! Sounds like you had a great day!