Sunday, September 18, 2011

Brooks - no excuse not to exercise!

After the 100km Oxfam, Charlie threw my runners out. It has been 3 weeks since the race and I hadnt bought new runners yet so it was my excuse not to exercise lol.

Well the my exercise-free days are gone, I went shopping today for new runners!  Charlie has been recommending Athlete's Foot since forever, so today I finally drew up the courage to get my foot fitted!  Here are my feet specs:
  • my right foot is a 6.5 and my left foot is a 6
  • my feet are both C-wide - i have the widest feet I know :(
  • I have a neutral stance - this was surprising cos I always thought I had flat feet
  • in terms of weight distribution, I carry 52% of my weight on my right foot and 48% on my left.  Eek!
I tried on a pair of Asics (my last pair of runners were Asics), Brooks and New Balance.  I tried the Asics on with the Brooks and loved the latter. Only because they were sooo much more comfier, lighter, provided more cushion and didnt feel as tight on the side of my feet.  The New Balance was probably in between in terms of comfort so I opted for the Brooks in the end.

Hopefully I will get a chance to test these babies out tomorrow at land training and also during the week :)  I think they look like space shoes hehe.

Brooks, Summons 3 - from Athelete's Foot
Also I highly recommend getting fitted at Athlete's Foot. They were so helpful!! And its worth investing in runners :)

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